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Cata, Kari y FranciscaCurrently, the primary focus of the Domingo Savio Institute is Mi Club – Domingo Savio, an after-school program in the poverty laden neighborhood of La Granja, Santiago. Mi Club (My Club), which was founded by Olga Diaz, is dedicated to empowering at-risk youths in order to help them develop the skills and confidence they need to overcome the obstacles in their lives. The work of Mi Club is geared toward helping the children become self-sufficient and capable of building a better world, both for themselves and for others.

Although originally a home for children in need, Domingo Savio and now Mi Club is an after-school program benefiting children and their families as well. Facing many serious problems such as poverty, neglect, child abuse, and familial distress, Mi Club and its small but dedicated staff have flourished over the past two decades and provided children and families with learning opportunities, creative outlets, recreation, and workshops designed to increase their life skills in important areas. The formative and recreational workshops include:

  • Educational Support
  • Carpentry
  • Dance and Theatre
  • Sports
  • Cooking
  • Handcrafts and Arts
  • Camping and Outdoor Leadership
  • Parenting Classes and Parent Support Group

Students attending Mi Club have shown a marked improvement in grades, attendance and overall life achievement. Parents have demonstrated better coping skills and more successful parenting as a result of the family workshops as well.

Domingo Savio – Mi Club has a proven record of success but needs your help to continue its mission to help Santiago’s children and families. There is a continual need for educational supplies as the number of children asking to join Mi Club grows. The associated costs such as staff salaries, utilities, computer upgrades, and facility maintenance are often overwhelming. The children and families of Chile need your help to keep moving forward – out of poverty and into a new life.

Please help the Mi Club kids by Sponsoring a Child. You can become the benefactor of one or more children for $30 per month!

To donate to the Domingo Savio Institute with 100% of your donation going to the Mi Club Program, click the Donate or Sponsor a Child tab.

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